practice-areas-wrongful-deathThe pain created by the wrongful death of a loved one will last a lifetime.
Our team of attorneys includes a retired homicide sergeant with years of experience and countless investigations uncovering the real truth.
Our attorneys are also trained police investigators.

When the death of a spouse, child or any other loved one is caused by the intentional or negligent actions of individuals, law enforcement officers, government, corporations, doctors or others, you need more from your lawyer than compassion and legal training taught in law school. You need an experienced team with proven results in obtaining altered records, locating reluctant witnesses, and uncovering the truth from expert witnesses who are paid to lie. You need a team that has a history of the most aggressive cross examinations, interrogations and investigations in the legal world.

The basic foundation of how successful and financially rewarding a case concludes depends on how well the investigation was conducted. While most law firms rely on information that hired investigators provide, LawFix attorneys can direct investigators because our legal team of attorneys have years of prior investigative experience in numerous high profile units of the Detroit Police Department such as the homicide section, the Detroit Law Department and the criminal division of the Wayne County Circuit Court.  All of the attorneys associated with LawFix have worked on the other side of the legal system for decades.

Skills & Experience

Lawfix attorneys’ skill sets include experience as attorneys who have already obtained millions of dollars in awards for clients in wrongful death cases and other civil lawsuits; prior police experience in homicide, detectives, narcotics, surveillance and coordinating hundreds of criminal and civil investigations; investigative preparations and trial skills while defending hundreds of lawsuits at the Detroit Law Department; and litigating hundreds of criminal cases.

Part of the most successful tactics by attorneys who defend police and insurance companies is to do everything possible to limit the information the plaintiff’s attorney is able to obtain through the normal legal process. That means we must know how the information is hidden and where to find it. Through our prior experiences, we are uniquely qualified to acquire that inside information.

Wrongful death is at the top of the list of cases that inflicts the most and longest lasting grief on surviving family and friends. Wrongful death occurs because someone commits an egregious intentional, negligent or illegal action which results in the death of another person. This can fall into situations such as homicides, auto accidents, industrial accidents, death from medical malpractice or failing to follow environmental regulations for corporations.

Wrongful death can also occur when a person, company or agency owes a duty for the safety of someone or fails to provide a safe environment and fails to protect that person from harm. A prime example is when a person confined in jail, is refused the reasonable request for medical treatment and a death results. We will get the information to successfully process your case, no matter where it is concealed.

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