What To Expect From Our Legal Team

Tell Us Your Story

  • During your first FREE consultation we will encourage you to tell your story as though you were talking to a close friend or family member, with all the emotion and righteous indignation that you are personally feeling. 
  • We will explain that, in order for us to successfully develop your case, we must be able to convey the facts and your emotions to a judge or jury, so they feel what you feel. 
  • We will ask questions that may spark your memory regarding details you may not have considered important.

We will advise you about any documents in your possession and may request you sign release forms authorizing our firm to obtain other documents that will assist us with your case.

How The Law Applies To Your Facts

  • Our experienced attorneys will explain in simple lay person terms how the law applies to your particular case, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of the case. 
  • The session will culminate with a detailed explanation outlining how LawFix will develop your case up to and through the trial stage based on our preliminary assessment. 

Our Legal Team Is In Tune With Your Case

Your case can always be best presented when your attorney is in tune with you, the facts of your case and the applicable law. We will carefully explain some of the points and strategy that you can expect from the attorneys who will oppose your case. We will also explain some of the LawFix techniques that we use to defeat their strategies.

The objective of the LawFix team is to provide a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere for our clients to tell their story. We understand you may be requesting our assistance because of a traumatic experience or life altering event. The LawFix team will always encourage our clients to take all the time they need to convey their information.


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