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The best defense in criminal cases only comes with having experienced criminal law attorneys who understand the legal system and the police.  

That’s where LawFix excels. The attorneys associated with LawFix were police officers before they became attorneys. Most attorneys graduate from law school and then learn the criminal justice system by taking cases and figuring out how to proceed to defend against the accusations prepared by hundreds of attorneys at well-staffed County Prosecutor’s offices. These prosecutors are backed up by the investigative resources of thousands of police officers and sheriffs in the dozens of cities within those counties.  The attorneys associated with LawFix acquired their legal experience in reverse order.

Robert Morris, Jr, the senior litigation attorney at LawFix spent over 16 years with the Detroit Police Department, in patrol, surveillance, narcotics, detectives and homicide, before becoming an attorney and successfully defending clients in the same type of cases, that he had spent years arresting people. Robert has investigated and prepared the same type of cases for the prosecutors that he now defends.   Clients have retained Robert for his legal skills in hundreds of criminal cases for over two (2) decades. Robert’s legal edge in each case is that he can think like both a police officer and a seasoned defense attorney. That is always a plus for his clients.

Thomas Deinek, who is of counsel to LawFix, was a Detroit Police Officer for 17 years. During the first 10 years of his tenure, he made countless arrests. For the last 7 years of his police career, he worked as an attorney in the Detroit Law Department defending hundreds of civil cases filed against police officers for allegations of false arrest, police brutality, and wrongful death. Tom knows how police think, not only because he was one of them but because he has defended hundreds of them. For the past 23 years Tom has been aggressively and successfully defending clients in criminal cases.

The attorneys associated with LawFix understand that your attorney must know the strengths and weaknesses about the way police think to successfully defend those the police arrest. Our wealth of experience in criminal matters from all sides of the spectrum is unmatched. Come in and talk strategy with us.








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