practice-areas-duiNot All Drunk Driving Convictions Are Created Equal

Drunk driving is a criminal offense in Michigan which carries serious prison sentences, sometimes exceeding incarceration for robbery, committing a felony with a gun, and manslaughter. A third alcohol/driving related conviction is a felony and could result in up to 5 years in prison. Prior to 2011 Michigan law did not allow the first 2 conviction to be used in calculating the higher sentences guidelines for the third case, if they occurred more than 10 years in the past. Those exclusions no longer apply. Those prior convictions become lifetime baggage used to enhance the third offense sentences. Even the first offense penalty is up to 5 years in prison for drunk driving causing serious injury and 15 years for causing death.

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First time drunk driving conviction surprises

  • License suspension for 1 year if you refuse to take the breathalyzer test.
  • Super Drunk; License suspension for I year if your blood/alcohol level is .17 or higher, even for the first offense.
  • The legal limits for blood/alcohol levels are not the same in all situations: .08 for drivers 21 and over; .02 for under 21; .04 for drivers with commercial licenses driving commercial vehicles.
  • Operating while impaired (OWI) penalty is a 180 day license suspension with possibility of a restricted license after 30 days.
  • Operating while visibly impaired (OWVI) Penalty is a 90 day suspension with possibility of a restricted license available the entire time.


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