practice-areas-accidentsHave you been injured in an automobile or motorcycle accident?

Former police officers understand how to maximize your case damages. The legal team at LawFix includes retired Detroit Police Officers, who have personally been on the scene to investigate countless auto accidents involving everything from minor fender benders to multiple fatalities. As attorneys and former police officers they have used their combined experience as former accident investigators to resolve many cases with overwhelming financial successes for our clients. Sometimes the difference in the success of your lawsuit does not depend on what your lawyer learned in law school or from trying accident cases. It may often come down to what he/she has learned from personal experience in actually investigating countless accidents. The attorneys at LawFix have personally experienced all sides of an accident, from the devastation and turmoil during the investigation at the accident scene to the closure of a lawsuit with a substantial verdict or settlement.

LawFix has both the financial backing and legal expertise to go the distance professionally and financially to maximize the outcome for you. We spare no effort or expense in obtaining the maximum available for your claim. Let the experience of our team educate you and guide you through the pain of your injury or loss.


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