practice-areas-injuryComplex Personal Injury Litigation Is No Place For Amateurs. LawFix is the Only Choice!

Don’t let your attorney learn personal injury litigation at your expense. A personal injury lawsuit is sometimes far more complex than a criminal case. It can occasionally result in tens of thousands of documents, dozens of witnesses, frequently changing strategies and an overwhelming number of evidence presentations. There are also numerous filing deadlines, along with constantly analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of the case, each witness, the client and the opposing attorney.

The only remedy available is a judgment for money damages. Money cannot repair permanent injuries or replace the person who died in a wrongful death, but it is the only remedy mandated by law. If a client is attempting to get the defendant to apologize or admit to a wrong, personal injury lawsuits do not include such remedies, though occasionally that type of outcome may be a by-product of the litigation. Personal injury cases encompass wide variety of causes of action, some of which include civil rights actions, assault and battery, and a broad array of other non-criminal cases.

LawFix Success Principles

The firm you choose must have the basic principles required for successful personal injury litigation:

  • An experienced legal team
  • A philosophy that keeps the client’s best interest at the forefront of the litigation
  • The available finances to fund the entire case
  • At LawFix, we fund the entire personal injury case
  • In the unlikely event we don’t win your case, the client pays nothing.

Our LawFix Team

The team at LawFix is a unique blend of attorneys whose early professional lives have evolved from profound experiences with criminal law into a well-rounded personal injury litigation powerhouse. Please, review the information for each of the attorneys in the “Legal Team” section of our website to see why LawFix is your best choice for legal action. At LawFix, our combined experiences on both the plaintiff’s and the defendant’s side of the litigation fence make us the team to develop your personal injury case.

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