practice-areas-police-misconductLawFix attorneys are retired police investigators. We have no tolerance for police misconduct.

The majority of law enforcement officers are honest, hardworking protectors of the public. There are a small minority of renegade officers, who repeatedly violate individual rights, bully people with their authority and lie on the witness stand to cover their abuse. The actions of these officers have resulted in thousands of injuries, false arrests, wrongful convictions, abuse and death to innocent people.

The Blue Wall Of Silence These actions are often followed with a cover-up by the officers who are assigned to investigate those abuses. The mock investigations and cover-ups, coupled with other officers who witness these rogue actions but refuse to report their fellow officers , has often been referred to as “the blue wall of silence”. That simply means good officers will go to extraordinary measures to protect or conceal the illegal actions of the rogue officers. Often these actions or inactions are taken, so the officer who is doing his/her duty does not get labeled a “snitch” and they can fit in with the team. Documents are destroyed, investigations are slanted, evidence is misplaced and procedures are not followed.

The LawFix Team penetrates this blue wall of silence, because of their extensive experience on both sides of this wall. Both Robert Morris, Jr. and Thomas Deinek , with their combined 33 years of experience with the Detroit Police Department and 50 years of experience as attorneys, have acquired a wealth of tactics suited for cutting through the information barrier.  They can get results when confronted with illegal tactics and strategy on every side of the blue wall. They have investigated criminal cases; defended officers in criminal cases; defended citizens against officers’ accusations in criminal cases and filed lawsuits against Police, FBI and U.S. Marshalls in police misconduct cases.

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